“White Western Civilization”

After a millennia of European fine art and culture, Americans, of all colors, are attempting to drive humanity back to the cave and jungle: this is the age of unbridled, sacred-cow mediocrity. I guess there is such a thing as devolution after all, and it is alive and well in this “shithole” of all “shitholes”:

White Western Civilization

What the Democratic Party, the EU, George Soros, Reza Aslan, Dean Baquet, Noel Ignatiev, the Israel Lobby, CNN, and the Washington Post intends to destroy because whiteness is evil.

White Western Civilization


2 thoughts on ““White Western Civilization”

  1. Now sojourner, you can’t be thinking that it’s the Republican’ts that are the only one’s holding up the last bastion of whiteness in America! Yes, Fascism perhaps but white civilization, come now.

    And even the term “White Civilization” is an oxymoron!

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  2. What does this have to do with repubs, Tube?

    See, just as I have tried to explain, you are too tied up in the political bullshit. Come out from among them, Tube, so you can see more clearly and truly be “WOKE”. Roberts is all wrapped up in the political, too, but I am not.

    Art and culture have little to do with the low form of life that politics represents. This posting, as far as I am concerned, is about the back to the jungle theme, Tube, not repubs and dems. We all be living like ghetto rats and shit!


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