“The Theatre of Distraction Rolls On”

Dispatches from the Asylum

As the latest theatre of distraction is about to begin here in the States, with impeachment hearings of the guy with orange hair about to go public, those who have seen through the two-party system here in the States as nothing more than deciding whether you prefer orange Skittles to blue Skittles falling from the skies – they know deep in their bones that all this current f**kery offered to us, is nothing more than the modern era of chicanery.

Right Amy?

Yes…tis proper f**kery.

Americans love to be distracted into a stupor.  How else to explain that you can tell them; provide evidence, facts, spread sheets of detail of how they are being reamed up the arse each day by the glad tidings of 5G, vaccination f**kery and chemical compounds of poison from the pharmaceutical industry, and yet they will yawn, or snooze, drool – fart their way…

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