“Keeping the Circus Spinning Along”

Dispatches from the Asylum

There seems to be no limit to the amount of madness, purposely concocted by the top 1% of lunatics running the circus, or simply allowed to happen.

The grand theater here in the States is just ramping up, with impeachment being its latest show to keep the masses divided, their attention diverted, listening to jive artists with their  ‘he said, she said, they said, it said’ rendition of nonsense. This sick and dying republic is throwing up one white flag after another, begging ‘no mas’, but the tricksters in Washington could give a shyte about tackling real problems that the people face, instead, primping and sniveling before camera’s, providing the spectacle of a nauseating farce that will never end.

What kind of real problems?

47 Percent of GDP – This is Definitely the Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble in U.S. History – via themostimportantnews.com

At this point, companies listed on our…

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