Here’s Your ‘American Dream’, Mr and Ms Sheep To The Slaughter! It’s A Real Nightmare!

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December 12, 20D19 “Information Clearing House” – Homelessness, hunger and shame: poverty is rampant in the richest country in the world. Over 40 million people in the United States live below the poverty line, twice as many as it was fifty years ago. It can happen very quickly.

Many people in the United States fall through the social safety net. In the structurally weak mining region of the Appalachians, it has become almost normal for people to go shopping with food stamps. And those who lose their home often have no choice but to live in a car. There are so many homeless people in Los Angeles that relief organizations have started to build small wooden huts to provide them with a roof over their heads. The number of homeless children has also risen dramatically, reaching 1.5 million, three times more than during the Great Depression the 1930s. A documentary about the fate of the poor in the United States today.

US: Top 10% own 70% of all wealth

6 thoughts on “Here’s Your ‘American Dream’, Mr and Ms Sheep To The Slaughter! It’s A Real Nightmare!

  1. Tube, your comment reminded me of Popeye’s Whimpy’s, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for the price of a hamburger today!”

    Remember when, during gas price wars, one could get a gallon of gas for a dime as well.

    I was watching a commercial on funerals the other day, and I realized I’m too poor to die!

    Ah, the good old, bad old days!

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