The Cognitive Dissonance of Western “Progressive Liberals” (Andre Vltchek)

Image: "...Yes, there is nothing more pathetic than ‘moderate movements’ and individuals, than ‘moderately progressive masses’. They kill the very essence of human existence, which is, of course, rebellion. No progress could ever come from intellectual or political moderation. Genius is always extreme. Courage is extreme! Only a coward could call for upholding the … Continue reading The Cognitive Dissonance of Western “Progressive Liberals” (Andre Vltchek)

“We Will Rock You!”

Image: Are we heading for another world war? It certainly seems that way: We will rock you! Published on Monday, 22 February 2016 William Engdahl expressed unease recently at Goldman Sachs' prediction that oil is going down to $20 per barrel; Goldmans is the archetypal, Machiavellian player in securities markets, invariably betting against the … Continue reading “We Will Rock You!”