“Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes”

{ALSO SEE: Former Israeli spies tried to influence local US election: Report // Being Marco Rubio: The boyish senator from Florida is owned by the Israel Lobby // As Omar 'Unequivocally' Apologizes, Critics Rip Democratic Leaders for Trying to 'Silence Criticism' of AIPAC // Israel's Story - Lies from top to bottom // Israel labels … Continue reading “Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes”

“An Exodus of “Jewish Settlers” from Palestine Is Inevitable” (2 Articles)

Image: http://www.columbusfreepress.com "In the last analysis we must be judged by what we do and not by what we believe. We are as we behave " - Geoffrey L. Rudd, The British Vegetarian, September/October 1962 "Live truth instead of professing it": Elbert Hubbard "The violent subjugation of the Palestinians, Iraqis, and Afghans will only ensure … Continue reading “An Exodus of “Jewish Settlers” from Palestine Is Inevitable” (2 Articles)

US Left, You Have Been Duped | OffGuardian

Image: http://www.smoloko.com ...That the left has mobilized to stomp on a handful of people in Charlottesville and Boston only proves its impotence. It’s like the man who has been frustrated at work all day who comes home and kicks his dog. The worst of it all is that both the left and right have been … Continue reading US Left, You Have Been Duped | OffGuardian

“Apartheid, Human Rights and BDS”

Image: Ryan Rodrick Beiler | Shutterstock.com Apartheid, Human Rights and BDS by ROBERT FANTINA Now that Israel has declared the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement an existential threat, along with all the countless other things that supposedly represent such a threat to that apartheid nation, United States government officials, who are second to none … Continue reading “Apartheid, Human Rights and BDS”

“New York Governor Issues Executive Order to Punish Israel Critics”

Image: smoloko.com If you are one of many Americans who still don't believe Zionist Israel helps rule you and your government, then allow the following short article to start revealing the truth to you: New York Governor Issues Executive Order to Punish Israel Critics JUNE 7, 2016 | JOSHUA KRAUSE | THE DAILY SHEEPLE For … Continue reading “New York Governor Issues Executive Order to Punish Israel Critics”

“Kingmaker Nation”

Image: whatsupic.com Zionist Israel: the rogue-state behind the curtain! Kingmaker nation Published on Monday, 21 March 2016 Zionist/Israeli influence over, and intervention in, US and UK politics is well documented; its pernicious influence has spread into Canada and the European Union. While populations of these countries express their outrage at the treatment of Palestinians through … Continue reading “Kingmaker Nation”

“Opposing BDS Means Supporting Oppression”

Image: http://www.zengardner.com Zionist Israel: the owner and operator of almost all Western nations, including the U.S. Corporation. If there is such a thing as an "Axis of Evil," this despotic and genocidal alliance is it: Opposing BDS Means Supporting Oppression Ahtribune I only ask of God That death won’t find me without having done enough.” … Continue reading “Opposing BDS Means Supporting Oppression”