The Big-Pharma/Medical Industrial Complex, Over the last Century-Plus, has Kidnapped and Destroyed our Health!

Image: Just as Thomas Edison was little more than a structural-elite stooge, while Nikola Tesla was the true genius, so Louis Pasteur was an elite stooge or incompetent/WRONG, while Antoine Bechamp had discovered the science behind germs, disease, our bodies and health. Ever heard of Antoine Bechamp? Neither had I, until I read the … Continue reading The Big-Pharma/Medical Industrial Complex, Over the last Century-Plus, has Kidnapped and Destroyed our Health!

“How Today’s Medical Establishment Was Deliberately Bastardized”

Image: How was the European and American medical establishment bastardized? "It Was All About The Money" Read the following article, and then see if you can still trust your AMA approved quack, oops, I mean doctor: How Today's Medical Establishment Was Deliberately Bastardized By Michelle Goldstein Our health care system is now based on … Continue reading “How Today’s Medical Establishment Was Deliberately Bastardized”

Bankers Hate Peace

The following article reveals what is truly the reason for Merica waging war on the world. It’s time to realize that your Merican Dream is and always has been a nightmare for the rest of the world!

Do you still consider Hitler and the other Nazis as being inhuman monsters? Well then, you should also consider Rockefeller and Carnegie, and many others, as monsters as well.

Read the following article and find out the real truth about your government and the elite-swine bankers who own and operate it!

Thanks, once again, to News for the Revolution!

News for the Revolution

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

By WashingtonsBlog
March a6, 2015
Washington’s Blog

Bankers hate peace …

As Lee Fang writes:

The possibility of an Iran nuclear deal depressing weapons sales was raised by Myles Walton, an analyst from Germany’s Deutsche Bank, during a Lockheed earnings call this past January 27. Walton asked Marillyn Hewson, the chief executive of Lockheed Martin, if an Iran agreement could “impede what you see as progress in foreign military sales.” Financial industry analysts such as Walton use earnings calls as an opportunity to ask publicly-traded corporations like Lockheed about issues that might harm profitability.

Hewson replied that “that really isn’t coming up,” but stressed that “volatility all around the region” should continue to bring in new business. According to Hewson, “A lot of volatility, a lot of instability, a lot of things that are happening” in both the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region means both are “growth areas” for…

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