The Entire World is “Fake News”

Image: If you don't have time to read this, that's fine, I more than understand! But please, don't click the like button unless you have read the following piece, and are in agreement. I believe this piece is too important to blow off that way, especially right now, during this week: The Entire World … Continue reading The Entire World is “Fake News”

I Am Not A Shell Of A Human Lacking Humanity!


no humanity

Strong hands rest on gently rounded hips,
smooth dark skin and thick, full lips.
Tightly curled hair, my crowning glory;
a picture perfect, wordless story.

Sculpted features, carved by time,
upon my face, not one wrinkle or line.
Legs that stand firm to bear my weight,
and a Teflon coating that repels all hate.

Torn from Africa and brought to these shores,
compared and found lacking to pale-skinned whores.
Desire in the eyes of sickly white men,
with fetid breath and wreaking of gin.

Sent to the fields and whipped every day,
trying to understand why I’m treated this way.
No hope of returning to the home that I loved.
I’m poked and prodded, pushed and shoved.

Stripped and sold and draped in chains,
told that I’m an animal and that I have no brains.
Am I a beast of burden or the white man’s slave?
To him, I am…

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“Bully Boy and His Soft-Soap Savior”

Image: I haven't posted much on religion for quite a while now, but the following article really registered with me: Bully Boy and His Soft-Soap Savior By freefall Contributor, “This myth of Christ has served us well.”- Pope Leo X There’s an orchestra playing in hell tonight. It plays there every night. It … Continue reading “Bully Boy and His Soft-Soap Savior”

“The Origin of Religion”

The following three videos are very short in duration (nine or ten minutes long): The Origin of Religion by Elle Part 2 here Part 3 here [Hat tip: Phoenix is Risen, thanks!] Source: The Origin of Religion - Zen Gardner Now, if someone will take the time to expose Darwinian-atheism (another faith-based religion), in the … Continue reading “The Origin of Religion”

“How The Vatican Created Islam, by Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera”

Image: I have no idea if the following article is accurate/true. And I certainly am not anti-Muslim; or paranoid because of all the U.S./Zionist-created false-flags that have been blamed on Muslims. But Islam is a major religion, just like Christianity/Catholicism, Judaism, Zionism, Hinduism and the like, and I no longer trust any religion, including … Continue reading “How The Vatican Created Islam, by Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera”

The Jesuit Hierophant Comes a Pandering His Elite-Swine Agenda!

Image: Everyone bow and grovel, the "Bishop of Rome" has come a calling, and all the sheep said, "Baaaa!" What is really nauseating to me about this papal visit is that just twenty years ago, every last one of the three-thousand factions of Christianity (denominations) all considered the pope to be "the anti-Christ." Now … Continue reading The Jesuit Hierophant Comes a Pandering His Elite-Swine Agenda!