The American Nightmare

Image: Here is your "American dream", Mr and Ms Merica, in all of its nightmarish glory. And for allowing this nightmare, this curse on the world, to continue on without lifting a finger to stop it, this is exactly what "we the people" deserve: 21 Signs That Americans Are The Unhappiest People In The … Continue reading The American Nightmare

Why Life is So Empty & Meaningless for So Many!

Image: The way to control a people is to, first and foremost, take away their ability to imagine (to dream) by creating a false reality (an illusion), where meaningless mind-control slogans, like "The American Dream" and "Hard work pays," keep the people chasing after a phantom existence (a mirage), which in the end, only … Continue reading Why Life is So Empty & Meaningless for So Many!

“Magic and Depression”

If you want to completely control people, then take away their "magic", their innate ability to imagine and create (their sense of purpose and reason for living), and they will soon become what we see all around us today: flesh and blood, mind-controlled robots who exist instead of live, and who chase the ball and … Continue reading “Magic and Depression”