Anarchy: “What Humanity Needs”?

Contrary to what the pundits of paranoia preach, anarchy is seldom the cause of chaos. It pays to know the correct definition of a word before using it, especially when the word in question is being used for manipulative and coercive purposes. Anarchy is one such word: an·ar·chy ˈanərkē/Submit noun 1) a state of disorder … Continue reading Anarchy: “What Humanity Needs”?


“The Truth Hurts,” and it Should!

The following YouTube video tells it like it is. So for you flag-waving, "USA" shouting patriots out there, you might not want to waste your time. Although you folks, in particular, need to hear and embrace what this video is communicating! This video speaks for me:

Vaccinations: “Who Owns Your Child?” Part 2

This is the second of three posts on this subject. I recommend reading this initial post first: Vaccinations: "Who Owns Your Child?" The following article exposes more sad truths about the major pharmaceuticals and this government: Though not widely reported (it was the Christmas season) in December of 2005, Congress passed unprecedented legislation giving immunity  … Continue reading Vaccinations: “Who Owns Your Child?” Part 2

“Once Upon A time”

The following is a quote from an article which laments the American way of life a half century ago, and what that way of life has sadly become today. The article also gives clues as to those who are primarily responsible for its current, pitiful condition. Unfortunately, "we the [common] people" are also, to some … Continue reading “Once Upon A time”