“Liz Cheney Leads Pack of Torture Apologists”

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick to death of the Dick Cheney klan? Good people die every day in this world, while scum like Cheney and his kind live on to carry out their heinous crimes against humanity and nature: constant war, torture, rape, false imprisonment, and the pillaging and mass murdering … Continue reading “Liz Cheney Leads Pack of Torture Apologists”


Guantanamo detainee details CIA sexual abuse and torture

The following article reveals what immense greed and absolute power, mixed with inbred insanity, produces.

Read this, and then see if you can still support this government. Read this, and see if you can still be “proud to be an Merican”.

This is just one of a multitude of reasons why I despise the land (government/economic-system) I was born and raised in! And this will not change until we the people do something to stop this despicable brand of monstrous, inhuman tyranny!

News for the Revolution

By Thomas Gaist
June 5, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

Newly-released testimony from Guantanamo Bay prisoner Majid Khan has shown that the CIA used torture practices that were “far more brutal and sadistic” than even those revealed by the Senate report on torture released last year.

In interviews with his attorneys first publicized in a Reuters report Tuesday, Khan described being hung from rafters for days at a time, submerged in ice water, and sexually abused by his guards and interrogators, who were frequently intoxicated with alcohol during the torture sessions.

Khan’s experiences were detailed in 27 pages of notes taken by a team of attorneys from the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), with whom he was able to meet only after protracted efforts by the White House to block his access to legal counsel.

“The CIA has repeatedly and continuously lied about the torture program,” CCR attorney Wells Dixon…

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