“George Orwell Hacked the Podesta Emails”

Image: http://www.quotespedia.info "George Orwell didn’t know John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, but he knew their type. He knew the mindset of endless numbers of politicians and leaders, and he characterized them in his novel. And from that flowed an ongoing multi-generation rebellion." George Orwell Hacked the Podesta Emails by Jon Rappoport December 9, 2016 From … Continue reading “George Orwell Hacked the Podesta Emails”



Here is another masterful, as well as amusing, article from my hero, Tubularsock!

Tubularsock in 2016!


Tube cafe heading


Tubularsock was hacking into the NSA cafeteria menu today and causing dietary heartburn. It was a small cyber hack but just enough not to be noticed.

Tubularsock has an entire sector in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA that deals with hack, hack, hacking!

Now, Tubularsock has even developed how to pass the blame off onto the Russians or the Chinese or even the North Koreans. Really it’s easy.

Now, it’s best not to take credit for a hack because the U.S. has a new law that allows the U.S. military to bomb you if you are found to have disrupted our precious motherland, ahh, fatherland or is that homeland? Tubularsock just can’t keep those Nazi word speak statements straight.

Anyway Obama signed an executive order to protect us from the evil that is sneaking into every computer on every lap in every cafe…

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