“5 Dystopic Movies That Are Coming True Right Now”

Image: http://www.activistpost.com 5 Dystopic Movies That Are Coming True Right Now By Melissa Dykes It’s actually kind of hard to watch some of these… things are hitting way too close to home these days. (And yes, there could have been waaaaay more than just five…) Movies/Shows Featured Above Sleep Dealer Children of Men Idiocracy 1984 … Continue reading “5 Dystopic Movies That Are Coming True Right Now”


“Yes, Throw the Celebrity Clowns Away”

“…What all the celebrities mentioned in the Atlantic piece have in common is that for the last 18 months, they acted as spokespeople for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Some even provided Clinton bit-parts on their shows to help her remove some of the stigma that she had justly accumulated during decades of laying waste to large swathes of the global South.

But something interesting happened after Clinton became a failed presidential candidate for the second time. In the deluge of imbecilic and childish cultural texts designed to flatter liberals (including letters from popular fictional characters exhorting their fans to stay the course), a small space has opened up for pointing out that these celebrated celebrity clowns are actually a hindrance to combating a reactionary tide.

Leave it to Donald Trump to be so revolting a figure that it’s finally obvious that something has to change…”


Regular readers will know that one of the most unfair and purist things I do on this blog is to quote people like John Oliver and Jon Stewart accurately when they say transparently power-serving things. It might be because I have a bad habit of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or it may be because:

  • Their progressive reputations are entirely the result of savvy marketing, and these people are actually centrist or right-wing liberals, or worse (and this isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s a fact evidenced by the power-serving and reactionary things that they say).
  • Everything they tell their viewers about the world comes from their moderate-conservative politics, and their tepid, incrementalist “solutions” aren’t little stepping-stones on the path to progress, but are distractions that lead people towards elite-approved dead-ends (and it could only ever be this way because, as basic media literacy would dictate, they are the employees of corporations for whom…

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“Pokemon GO” & The Easily Manipulated Members of the Vast Brain-Dead Herd!

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com Is it any wonder that there is so much emphasis placed on Zombies these days? I mean all one has to do is look at the folks on the street, with their eyes glued to their electronic devices and minds wide shut, and it's pretty easy to see the connection: The Pokemon Pied … Continue reading “Pokemon GO” & The Easily Manipulated Members of the Vast Brain-Dead Herd!

Idiocracy: a Documentary!

Image: imgflip.com The Following article is another expose on the lacking in character quality of the republican candidate for president. The only reason I am quoting this article is that I am fed up with this entire election farce, and unfortunately, this is only July. The Republicans Plumb the Depths 20 July 2016 As one … Continue reading Idiocracy: a Documentary!