Russia’s Zakharova Invites US’s Power to Visit Syria to Learn ‘Shame’ Meaning

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The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had claimed that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “should be ashamed” for accusing the United States of defending the Islamic State. The reply to her came from Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

The invitation message was posted by Maria Zakharova on Power’s Facebook page, as a comment under the US diplomat’s statement where she claimed Zakharova should be ashamed of the comments on Washington purported cooperation with the ISIL, TASS reported.

“Dear Samantha Power, in order to learn the meaning of word ‘shame’ I would advise you to visit Syria and meet people there,” Zakharova wrote.

“Not with al-Nusra Front (now, renamed as Fatah al-Sham Front), nor with the moderate opposition, nor about delivery of humanitarian aid for which Washington is worried so much, not with those living in the West who are so concerned about the prosperous future for…

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“Terror is a Profit Centre”

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“Top 10 Indications or Proofs ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation”

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“The Real Truth About The Middle East” – Ken O’Keefe

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US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop “Illegal” War On Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop

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Last month, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (who served two tours of duty in Iraq) went on CNN and laid bare Washington’s Syria strategy.

In a remarkably candid interview with Wolf Blitzer, Gabbard calls Washington’s effort to oust Assad “counterproductive” and “illegal” before taking it a step further and accusing the CIA of arming the very same terrorists who The White House insists are “sworn enemies.” 

In short, Gabbard all but tells the American public that the government is lying to them and may end up inadvertently starting “World War III.”

For those who missed it, here’s the clip:

That was before Paris.

Well, in the wake of the attacks, Gabbard has apparently had just about enough of Washington vacillating in the fight against terror just so the US can ensure that ISIS continues to destabilize Assad and now, with bi-partisan support, the brazen Hawaii Democrat has introduced legislation to end the…

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