“Khazar: A Forgotten History” (14 Minute Video)

{Also see: For The Few, Not The Many} Khazar: a forgotten-on-purpose history, is more like it: Khazar: A Forgotten History ANDREW CHEETHAM https://www.davidicke.com/article/487768/khazar-forgotten-history


“Israel, Land Of Miracles”

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“Ethnic Cleansing at the Khan Al-Ahmar Palestinian Community” (Short Video)

{Also see: How Israel armed the drugs cartels – part 1 and By Razing Khan al-Ahmar, Israel will Bulldoze Illusions of Peace Process and China pledges $20 billion in loans to Middle East and aid for Palestine} “A storyteller makes up things to help other people; a liar makes up things to help himself.” ― … Continue reading “Ethnic Cleansing at the Khan Al-Ahmar Palestinian Community” (Short Video)

“The Peace Deal That is All Israel”

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“Israeli activists respond to Palestinian call, hang photos of fallen protesters along Gaza fence”





The following press release was sent to Mondoweiss by the Israeli group “Return” regarding an action today along the fence with Gaza:

A group of Israeli activists, dubbed “Return,” advanced today towards the fence besieging the Gaza Strip, and hung pictures on the fence depicting Palestinians slain by the military during the Great March of Return.

The activists responded to a call for solidarity made by the organizers of the protests. Gazan organizations have requested that the pictures of the fallen protesters be hung in various locations around the world and particularly in the fronts of Israeli and U.S. embassies, in order to support the protests and their aims. Similar actions are expected to take place globally in the coming weeks.

An Israeli military jeep arrived on the scene as the posters were being hung and demanded the activists remove them. The activists finished hanging posters…

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“Report: Israel Army Has a Plan to Dissect and Occupy Parts of the Gaza Strip”

{Also see: Israel settlers slash tyres, spray racist graffiti in Nablus-area village and The Palestinian village where Israel forbids everything} Before reading the following article, please read this: ‘ALI IS ON THE GRILL!’ ISRAELI SETTLERS CELEBRATE BURNING OF PALESTINIAN BABY FROM: MONDOWEISS Israel/Palestine Jonathan Ofir on June 21, 2018 http://mondoweiss.net/2018/06/settlers-celebrate-palestinian/?utm_source=Mondoweiss+List&utm_campaign=9d21577c85-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b86bace129-9d21577c85-398536869&mc_cid=9d21577c85&mc_eid=189b366097 There’s something particularly disturbing about … Continue reading “Report: Israel Army Has a Plan to Dissect and Occupy Parts of the Gaza Strip”

“Life in Gaza”

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