“Why Both Left And Right Are Political Hypocrites And What To Do About It”

Image: http://www.shtfplan.com Although I disagree with some of the following author's points, including his badly mistaken belief that the CONstitution protects "we the people", he does make a sound argument, when it comes to the left and right hypocrisy that is so rampant right now: Why Both Left And Right Are Political Hypocrites And What … Continue reading “Why Both Left And Right Are Political Hypocrites And What To Do About It”


America against Humanity. “And We Call Ourselves the Human Race”

The following short quote from this article pretty much says it all. If you want to see the world destroyed, Mr and Ms Merica, just keep listening to and believing the state-run media and supporting your insane, warmongering government!

Thanks to News for the Revolution!

Back then we enjoyed the humor of “grand incineration.”

Today it’s no joke. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) prevented nuclear war during Cold War years.

Neocon lunatics infesting Washington today make the unthinkable possible.

Jack Kennedy once commented on crazies in his day wanting to nuke Soviet Russia while America had a big advantage, saying:

“And we call ourselves the human race.”

News for the Revolution

By Stephen Lendman
March 16, 2015
Global Research

nuclear-warAmerica’s rage for global dominance represents humanity’s greatest threat. Never before has survival been more jeopardized.

US Imperial policies may kill us all. They may end life on earth. Endless wars of aggression are waged against one country after another.

Confronting Russia recklessly risks nuclear war. 

So do Ukrainian flashpoint conditions. Ceasefire agreed to in Minsk last month is shaky at best.

Multiple junta violations continue daily. Poroshenko said 11 EU nations intend sending Ukraine weapons and munitions.

Washington supplied them throughout months of conflict. Rearming shows Kiev wants war, not peace.

European parliamentarians adopting a resolution demanding an international investigation into Boris Nemtsov’s death shows contempt for Russian sovereignty.

It’s another example of stoking confrontation, not trying to defuse it.

EU parliamentarians violated international law prohibiting nations from interfering in the internal affairs of others.

Their action reflects ongoing anti-Russian hate-mongering…

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