“Ten Modern Methods of Mind Control”

Image: http://www.healthimpactnews.com Note that Bernays, in the quote above, is speaking of the "group mind", the herd mentality, being controlled, and not the independent, in-control-of one's own mind individual. It is the vast, asleep and dependent herd that can be easily mind controlled, not the awake and aware, independent individual. Individualism is not a curse … Continue reading “Ten Modern Methods of Mind Control”


“Institutions of Slavery”

Image: http://www.ytimg.com "The third and final iteration to enslave humanity is by conditioning. We’ve been conditioned to believe in the institutions of slavery: government, law, education and of course, media." Institutions of Slavery Published on Tuesday, 11 October 2016 Yesterday's Daily Pickings highlighted the meaningless charade of the US presidential election - no matter the … Continue reading “Institutions of Slavery”