“The Gangster Nature of the State”

Image: http://www.csglobe.com The propaganda system allows the U.S. Ieadership to commit crimes without limit and with no suggestion of misbehavior or criminality; in fact, major war criminals like Henry Kissinger appear regularly on TV to comment on the crimes of the derivative butchers. " - Edward S. Herman, political economist and author The Gangster Nature … Continue reading “The Gangster Nature of the State”

“1798: Proofs of a Conspiracy”

Image: img.ifcdn.com According to the following article, it would appear that there were individuals, over two-hundred years ago, who correctly saw coming what many of us, today, have been writing about for quite a while now. It would seem that "conspiracy theorists" are, more often than not, revealing not only the truth that is, but … Continue reading “1798: Proofs of a Conspiracy”