ANARCHISM: Bringing ORDER to State-Created & Sustained CHAOS! (A Repost)

Image: {The following is a repost from March of 2017} Here is an example of anarchism overcoming the chaos created by the elite-swine owned and operated state (STATISM). Chaos, after all, is all the state has to offer we the individuals. The following reveals how a self-governing/self-sustaining community can thrive without the despotic interference/meddling … Continue reading ANARCHISM: Bringing ORDER to State-Created & Sustained CHAOS! (A Repost)

“Why I Am an Anarchist”

Image: {A Repost From February, 2016} The following article was written by a woman (Voltairine de Cleyre) who died in 1912, which was three years before my father was born. Over the past several years, I have begun to comprehend what Voltairine de Cleyre was expressing in her following testimonial. I now realize that … Continue reading “Why I Am an Anarchist”

“No Cops! No Government! Just Anarchy In Mexico Town:” No Two-Legged PIGS Of Any Kind! (11 Minute Video)

Anarchism is not synonymous with chaos, as you have been mind-fucked into believing. Human beings lived and thrived, in this manner, long before there were psychopathic elite-swine owned and operated governments, and their freedom restricting laws and economic systems, which have only served the elite-swine FEW, while making certain that the disenfranchised MANY would struggle, … Continue reading “No Cops! No Government! Just Anarchy In Mexico Town:” No Two-Legged PIGS Of Any Kind! (11 Minute Video)

Democratic Confederalism in Kurdistan — Tom Anderson and Eliza Egret (18 April 2016)| Co-operative Economy / Corporate Watch

Taking Sides

Source(s): Co-operative Economy / Corporate Watch

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Lead photo caption: A commune meeting in Amude in Rojava’s Cizîrê canton, November 2015

The Kurdish region is currently undergoing a transformation. People are organising themselves in grassroots people’s assemblies and co-operatives, declaring their autonomy from the state and their wish for real democracy. Feminist and anti-capitalist ideas are flourishing. These changes are inspired by a new idea: democratic confederalism. These movements have the capacity to transform the reality of millions of people in Kurdistan, and potentially spread to the wider Middle East. Last year we visited Bakur, the part of Kurdistan within Turkey’s borders, and Rojava, the Kurdish majority autonomous region in Syria. This article examines the theory and practice of democratic confederalism in Bakur and…

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“When a Law is Unjust, It is Only Right to Disobey” Mahatma Gandhi

Image: {This is a repost from July of 2015} The one key device this system of government has to keep we the individuals from being truly free is "THE LAW." If you buy into a manipulative cliche like, "Without law, there can be no freedom," then you will never experience true individual freedom; you … Continue reading “When a Law is Unjust, It is Only Right to Disobey” Mahatma Gandhi

“Communist bees”

unnecessary news from earth

The things you will read shortly after, it might seem an imagination or unreal, my earthling friends. But it’s all true. You will read the informations about the municipality are real, and also it is in Turkey Republic.

First of all I have to mention that in provincial and county municipal elections in Turkey, the rate of votes of the people living within the boundaries of the province or county, determines which party the municipality belongs to. For example, the same situation does not exist in parliamentary elections. A 10% election threshold in parliamentary elections is a matter of fact, and even if the person who wants to become a deputy, holds the most votes in the region, if his/her party remains below 10% of the all Turkey general votes, he/she can not be a deputy. Yes democracy is such a thing, haha!

Anyway, I guess, you’re wondering where these…

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“The Future Will Be Decentralized”

Image: If the power structure didn’t actually care about what we thought, why would they put so much effort into propagandizing us; into making us feel so powerless and fearful? The reason is because narrative is everything, and the public must be molded and manipulated in a certain way in order to keep us … Continue reading “The Future Will Be Decentralized”