“Socialism: Opiate of the Masses”

Image: http://www.huffpost.com The following article helps to explain why I have no faith in any large-scale 'ism', since at the top of every large-scale 'ism' will always be a tiny minority of so called human beings who will be totally incapable of handling the responsibility, wealth and power that comes with the gig. In other … Continue reading “Socialism: Opiate of the Masses”

“Loving Our Servitude in America’s Plantation Economy”

Image: http://www.oftwominds.com "..The colonization of the plantation of the mind is now complete. It is not coincidental that those citizens who “consume” the most media are also the biggest buyers of junk food and its accompanying junk worldview based on consumption, faux novelty (“get the new chicken-bacon-cheese-double-burger today!”) and a passive disengagement from the real … Continue reading “Loving Our Servitude in America’s Plantation Economy”

“International Survey Reveals 85% Of The World Lives Under Political Corruption”

Image: http://www.alibertarianfuture.com "...The burden of corrupt politicians and government officials is a parasitic invasion of the human race, and is the major factor in our lives that prevents us from reaching our vast human potential and true greatness. Government is force, and many of those who strive to work in and for government know that … Continue reading “International Survey Reveals 85% Of The World Lives Under Political Corruption”

Universal Freedom vs ‘Political Rights’

Image: http://www.thefreethoughtproject.com “If there be such a principle as justice, or natural law, it is the principle, or law, that tells us what rights were given to every human being at his birth; what rights are, therefore, inherent in him as a human being, necessarily remain with him during life; and, however capable of being … Continue reading Universal Freedom vs ‘Political Rights’

“Today’s Lesson”

Image: http://www.hippoquotes.com "These concepts are simple to understand and require no "training" in politics or economics, merely common sense. The political economy which evolves from these principles will be accessible and understandable to all; the contrived complexity of today's systems will be absent and everyone will be able to participate in co-creating a diverse ecology … Continue reading “Today’s Lesson”

Worker Co-op Loomio Draws on Occupy Movement to Offer New Model of Democracy

The Most Revolutionary Act

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