The State is at War — with the Future

Desultory Heroics

By Thomas L. Knapp

Source: The Fifth Column

It’s turning into a long hot summer for the emerging global counter-economy.

In June and July, an international group of law enforcement agencies took down two of the largest “Dark Web” marketplaces, Hansa and Alphabay.

Then on July 25, the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued a weird, barely coherent, press release seemingly kinda sorta but not exactly declaring its own plenary authority over all things cryptocurrency.

On the heels of the SEC’s fit of apparent glossolalia, the US Department of Justice announced its indictment of cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e for “money laundering” even as one of the site’s admins, Alexander Vinnik, was arrested in Greece.

What we’re seeing is the latest bit of backlash from a political establishment scared witless by technologies which threaten to make it superfluous.

A friend of mine who writes under the pseudonym dL notes that “[t]he…

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“Beware the Authoritarian Right And Left”

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“My Beloved City, Izmir”

If there is ever to be peace on the face of this earth, we must rein in the major religions and destroy worldwide statism!

unnecessary news from earth


Yesterday, I was thinking about writing a post about the city of Izmir, Turkey is one of two cities where I love most on this planet. The other one is Smolensk, Russia.

I wanted to tell my Earthling friends how beatiful city Izmir is. Yes, it has really beautiful coasts, nature, foods, drinks and etc, but actually it’s beauty comes from its people. Izmir has been a place that unite people who have many different religion, racial and cultural backgrounds for thousands years. Even the extraterrestrials like me.

Many writer or poet had written about Izmir. For example, Victor Hugo likens İzmir to a princess, whose reputation spread to the west in his poem “La Captive” in the book with entitled “Les Orientales” published in 1829. Poetry is like that:

“Izmir is a princess with a very nice little hat.

Happy spring responds to her calling without hesitation.


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