“Amid NATO threats, Russia launches largest war games since World War II”

{Also see: Iraq, Russia, Iran, Syria military chiefs discuss security, intel cooperation and Russia Squelches Trump’s New Plan to Invade Syria and Provocations Have A History Of Escalating Into War and Lavrov calls murder of Donbass leader ‘blatant provocation’} Main responsibility for the war danger lies with the imperialist powers, above all the United States … Continue reading “Amid NATO threats, Russia launches largest war games since World War II”

“Israel Has Issued an Ultimatum to Russia”

{Also see: ‘Who can trust the US, if bully Trump kills predecessor’s deals?’ – Iran’s national security chief} Russia has the winning hand, but does not know how to play it. The caution with which the government operates encourages more provocations, whereas a more decisive policy would discourage provocations. Washington interprets Russia’s conciliatory behavior as … Continue reading “Israel Has Issued an Ultimatum to Russia”

“Netanyahoo To Again Cry Wolf – But Something Bigger Is Up”

{Also see: Netanyahu: Don’t Look Here Where We’re Shooting Children, Look Over There at Iran} {I thought Netanyahu was to going to be convicted of crimes in office? Of course, in Israel, if all the criminals were to be convicted, then there would be no one left, except the Arabs/Palestinians. Israel has taken after its … Continue reading “Netanyahoo To Again Cry Wolf – But Something Bigger Is Up”

“A letter and what made me think”

Here is some information from my friend in Turkey.

This helps to clarify what I was unaware of before. But like Migo, my concern was, and still is, for the Syrian people, and what the US and NATO are perpetrating on them!

unnecessary news from earth

This letter was shared by my earthling friend Sojourner, 2 days ago on his blog. I wanted to write what I have thought after reading this letter which wass written by a Syrian dissident. A part of the letter is right below what I think of the topic. You can find the letter completly on this link to read the whole letter: “Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians”


I do not know how badly Bashar al-Assad gave suffer Syrian people, but in here what is written in the letter should not be ignored. Assad family has a crime ration card. I’m not talking about what was done to own people. I will talk about another thing. The PKK terrorist organization was founded in 1978 in Turkey. And in Turkey, just before the CIA-backed fascist military coup of 12…

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“Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians”

{Please note: by posting this article, I am not defending this government or its European stooges. I simply wanted to point out that Assad is not the victim of all this hell, but the Syrian people are! And if you don't read the article, then don't bother commenting!!} I want to thank Norman Pilon, whose … Continue reading “Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians”

The Western left and the Syrian war — Corey Oakley | REDFLAG: A VOICE OF RESISTANCE

I am reblogging this. Read and make up your own mind. I have no idea what is happening in Syria, nor anywhere else.

I do know this, I can’t trust the alt media anymore than I can trust the mainstream.

I am fucking fed up with all of this shit! I wish I could quit, but that doesn’t work. So I guess I’m just stuck in this limbo, which pretty much describes the rest of my life, as well.

Taking Sides

Norm’s note: what follows is a sample of the kinds of effusions from people that Will Morrow has described as “the Australian pseudo-left.” I’m not going to tell you what to think about it.  But I’m obviously inviting you to read it so as to be able to make your own assessment of it.  But before you once and forever and preemptively dismiss that a revolutionary movement could ever have broken out in Syria in 2011, you really need to read this masterful piece of analysis by Dr. Raymond Hinnebusch, Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics and Director of the Centre for Syrian Studies at the University of St. Andrews: “Syria: from ‘authoritarian upgrading’ to revolution?” Because ‘facts’ ought really to matter, right?

The Western left and the Syrian war


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“Clouds of mystery pourin’ / Confusion on the ground” — those lines from a CCR song from long ago sum up my take on what follows . . .

Taking Sides

Norm’s note: I’m going to juxtapose, way down below, two links to two pieces that I think people should read together, well, maybe not at the same time, as if that were even possible, but so as to set up what I deem to be a necessary contrast that to my mind underlines a general confusion among lefties to which most of them seem to be oblivious. After that, a bit of music to entertain us in our confusion.

But before I provide you with the links, as a contextualizing preamble, I want to share with you a comment (here slightly edited) that I just left over at a friend’s blog pertaining to an article recently published by Will Morrow:

Among the left, as with everyone else, there is a lot of confusion about what is going on. I note the critique of ‘Joseph Daher’ and the implication is that…

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