“When Time Stands Still”

As a result of living within this scientific and technical presupposition that the background ticking of the clock is the only truth and time is a one-way street, we are now living inside a hopeless mind-frame of a scientific theocracy that says all will end in entropy. This is nihilism; for at the end of … Continue reading “When Time Stands Still”

“Shyte-Faced With Apathy”

The following states the actual inconvenient truth. But the truth is no longer welcome in this red-white-and-blue "shithole" of all "shitholes": SHYTE-FACED WITH APATHY September 5, 2019 Decker Riding along on the train of modern society, headed toward the mountain cliff, is an unusual trip. It’s a slow motion video clip of watching your own … Continue reading “Shyte-Faced With Apathy”

“Why I Am an Anarchist”

Image: http://www.azquotes.com {A Repost From February, 2016} The following article was written by a woman (Voltairine de Cleyre) who died in 1912, which was three years before my father was born. Over the past several years, I have begun to comprehend what Voltairine de Cleyre was expressing in her following testimonial. I now realize that … Continue reading “Why I Am an Anarchist”

“I Disagree – a short essay”

I Disagree – a short essay [thoughts from an angry ~burning woman~ ] I Disagree! Overworked,tired and in a mood: perhaps not the best conditions to write an essay but I have to ‘say’ this: I disagree. That’s it, and that’s all of it: I disagree. Undoubtedly someone is bound to ask, “What are you … Continue reading “I Disagree – a short essay”

“Life Sucks, Get Yourself a Dog”

“Read, comprehend, learn, and then change!”

Spirit Touching Bone

Ok we live in an unprecedented time of all-encompassing materialism and superficiality… just take a listen at the new music for proof. It is positively dreadful and thin, like a bleached echo of some artificial reality.

Everyone trying to fit in to a plastic, tattooed, mass-produced, soda pop world where one has to wonder – what are you trying to fit in to. Young people have no purpose, other than to look good, be cool, have many likes etc. “I just want to be myself”, they say, while buying another iPhone and pair of Nike shoes to be accepted.

Social media is literally killing of an entire generation. (Note: you can actually post items of substance beyond “look at me” – suicidal but smiling)

Where are the peace protests and anti-war anthems? Where is the counter culture? If you are so pissed off with the 1% why is your sole…

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“Deep In Our Bones…We Know”

Dispatches from the Asylum

Deep in our bones we know it’s all wrong, it’s all gone mad – we’re so far away from what we are, or from even knowing who we are.

We rely on social media to dictate how we perceive ourselves, comparing what we have,  to the made-up shyte others on social media say they have. This is the barometer of a fulfilling life in this age of insanity.

We listen with great intent (here and there, in between the latest texts of “nothingness” we’ve received) to the propagandists in government and corporate media, outlining the BS they want us to follow.

Sadly, for the most part, we follow their insanity…only to find ourselves racked in more misery, more drudgery and more madness.

Yet, when the bed covers are tucked neatly under out chins each night, there probably is the slightest of cries to the heavens to help us.

But the…

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