Is the US a Carefully Constructed “Mock-Up?”

Image: The Free Thought First, we must ask the questions: “What is the United States? How do we define this entity? And are there indications that the definitions do not describe the reality?” Is The US A Carefully Constructed “Mock-Up?” By Janet Phelan Those familiar with settings for Hollywood movies will recognize that there … Continue reading Is the US a Carefully Constructed “Mock-Up?”

“What Drives US Policy Toward Israel?”

Image: We need to understand why the U.S. is so tied to Israel, and it's not because of the so-called "holocaust" or the Pentateuch. The U.S. and Israel are married to each other because of a mutual desire for insane wealth, power and world domination: What Drives US Policy Toward Israel? by LAWRENCE DAVIDSON … Continue reading “What Drives US Policy Toward Israel?”

“Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States”

Image: If you are a parent, then you will want to take the time to read the following article, in its entirety. As for the rest of you, if you want to know just how corrupt and twisted your government has become, then you should read the entirety of this article as well! We … Continue reading “Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States”

“A World War has Begun: Break the Silence”

Image: If we the individuals, worldwide, keep refusing to wake up and put an end to this worldwide system of government, then we and the planet are doomed. If we're waiting on some religious or two-legged political savior to fix the world for us, with this system still in tact, then we are fools … Continue reading “A World War has Begun: Break the Silence”

“How Billionaires Use Non-Profits to Force Their Agendas on Humanity”

Image: We should be very cautious, when it comes to foundations and NGOs that claim to exist for the sole purpose of benefiting humanity and the planet. Most of these so-called "philanthropic foundations" exist for the complete opposite reason: they exist, primarily, to benefit the structural-elite, and their world-dominating agendas, at the expense of … Continue reading “How Billionaires Use Non-Profits to Force Their Agendas on Humanity”

The US Colonization of Latin America

The Most Revolutionary Act

The War On Democracy

Directed by John Pilger (2007)

Film Review

The War Against Democracy is about the US colonization of Latin America, specifically the role of the CIA and the US military in systematically overthrowing democratically elected governments in Central and South America. In each case, the US installs hand picked right wing dictators who forcibly expel indigenous peasants from their land and privatize publicly owned assets and resources for the benefit of US corporations.

Australian filmmaker John Pilger begins by focusing on the US war against Venezuela’s democratically elected government, carefully debunking Washington and media lies depicting former president Hugo Chavez as a communist dictator. In addition to tracing the massive popular movement that brought Chavez to power, the documentary also features dramatic footage of the failed US-sponsored 2002 coup.

Pilger also highlights the 1954 coup in Guatemala, the 1973 coup in Chile and the Bolivian revolution that…

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