“Finally, the truth about symbols”

“Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville **** It was a language, more and more, infiltrated by imagination. And what do you know, the people became freer and more energetic. They sensed their language was coming into line with their creative … Continue reading “Finally, the truth about symbols”


“A Passing Thought in the Age of Terror”

The unexamined life is not worth living. - Plato A Passing Thought in the Age of Terror May 9, 2018 ejcurtin “Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves – or enemies. Those … Continue reading “A Passing Thought in the Age of Terror”

“Lighting the Candle Again”

“May we learn to share our light and stand together for the sake of all we love.”

If there be any real reason for this season, this hopeful exhortation should be it! What I want for Christmas is a united humanity, standing together and lighting the way to a brand new world.

“I am a living member of the great family of all souls; and I cannot improve or suffer myself, without diffusing good or evil around me through an ever-enlarging sphere. I belong to this family. I am bound to it by vital bonds.” – William Ellery Channing

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

December 22, 2017


Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere just passed

symbolizing growing light

inspiring me to set a candle aglow with gratitude

on this dark December night

for all those who have shared the journey

with creative compassionate spirits shining bright


Lighting the Candle for the Four Directions

This morning when I awoke I was reflecting on my lack of hope and passion these days. It feels as though everything I love, everything that brings me joy and peace and hope is at risk. When did my hope and passion disappear? Was it because of the institutions where I worked that publicly espoused social justice missions but contradicted those values through the actions of the majority? Was it because of the neighbors or ex-spouses who only appeared to be concerned with their own comfort and their own pursuit of happiness? Was it because of…

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“For Each Child Who’s Born…”

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Summer 2008


Imagine what the world would be

if you honored each child born as you honor me

A gift from the force of life, the creator, to the world

a greater treasure by far than thrones impearled

The essence of hallowed life to grace the earth

released with each miraculous birth

The humblest child a wondrous sight

May your heart embrace all children as sacred this blessed night


We Are, performed by Ravi


We Are (by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell)

For each child that’s born a morning star rises
and sings to the universe who we are

We are our grandmother’s prayer
We are our grandfather’s dreamings
We are the breath of the ancestors
We are the spirit of God.

We are
Mothers of courage
Fathers of time
Daughters of dust
Sons of great vision

We are …
Sisters of Mercy
Brothers of…

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“Music hath Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast”

An old friend turned me on to the following videos. And for all of you older folks out there, who might have heard the Band, Chicago, live, just listen to how close these recordings are to the originals. And to those who seek war with the Russian people, I say, Behold your "enemy": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJzlHBN3BT4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_torOTK5qc

“Caving in to Illusion”

Caving in to Illusion Published on Thursday, 20 October 2016 We enslave ourselves to a world view based on shadows and deception; we revere that which is false and ignore what it is divine and true. Once we shed our delusions, we can free ourselves from the cave of ignorance and servitude. Stand up and … Continue reading “Caving in to Illusion”