Capitalism is a Curse: “The US Dept. of Terrorism”

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“Revealing While Concealing the “Invisible” Government’s Conspiracies/America: A Land Without Truth”

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“EU Parliament’s new despicable anti-communist resolution distorts history — In Defense of Communism”

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Once again the EU Parliament proves its role as a leading instrument of anti-communist distortion of history.
In a joint resolution signed by the political groups of the People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens and the Conservative Reformists, the EU tries – once again – to equate communism with fascism-nazism and legalize the unacceptable reactionary measures against the Communist Parties and their activity in a number of member-states.
Responding to this hideous effort, the group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the EU Parliament sent a letter to the Greek and Cypriot MEPs, calling them to denounce this despicable distortion of history. In the EU Parliament, both the KKE MEPs, Kostas Papadakis and Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos, denounced the resolution and the anti-communist propaganda.
In a statement published today in 902 portal, the KKE group in EU Parliament points out:
“With the votes of the People’s…

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“After the Great Fry”

Quote from the following: Those apathetic’s, heathens, bastards and degenerates – those who created a lifetime of evil that innocents had to endure – when asked ‘why’ by the gods upon their entrance into the eternal, had no answer, other than to cast the f**k of their souls into the bottomless pit of evil. Now, … Continue reading “After the Great Fry”

“Unused Militaries”

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“Citing “Conclusive Evidence” of Explosives, Families of Victims File Petition to Re-Open 9/11 Investigation”

{A repost from last year} {Also see: The Fakest Fake News: The U.S. Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory – A Review of 9/11Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth} {Along with many others, I have posted more than enough evidence to show the official 9-11 narrative is a baldfaced lie. … Continue reading “Citing “Conclusive Evidence” of Explosives, Families of Victims File Petition to Re-Open 9/11 Investigation”

“The Revolution in Military Affairs”

Also see: US Sanctions Are Designed to Kill: US sanctions are killing ordinary Iranians by the thousands. Through its control over the world banking system, America’s sanctioning power flouts international human rights law and poses a threat to the world. Sanctions Are Exacerbating Social Problems The main mechanism by which oil production has fallen is … Continue reading “The Revolution in Military Affairs”