“The Dark Agenda Behind Globalism And Open Borders”

Image: http://www.activistpost.com Zionism: "The people behind the effort to enforce globalism are tied together by a particular ideology, perhaps even a cult-like religion, in which they envision a world order as described in Plato’s Republic. They believe that they are “chosen” either by fate, destiny or genetics to rule as philosopher kings over the rest … Continue reading “The Dark Agenda Behind Globalism And Open Borders”

“A Few Replies”

Image: http://www.quoteslike.com My words, here, are not aimed at those who are truly troubled by the recent personal revelations made by the following author/speaker/personality. I understand that for many of his admirers, what he has recently shared about his past is more than troubling, and I don't fault them, except to say, they shouldn't place … Continue reading “A Few Replies”

“War is a Racket”

This is a repost of an article I published at the same time last year. ************************************************************************************************************ Read and watch the following, and then see if you still want to go celebrate the mass murdering of millions for profit! 21st Century Wire says… It’s Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.A. and there’s another important part of history, dare we … Continue reading “War is a Racket”

“Rewriting History”

JFK spoke these words and was immediately and severely dealt with. And lurking behind his assassination were the structural-elite powers; and in particular, the banking-cartel criminals: Rewriting History In wars, there are generally two sides and it is commonly understood that history is written by the victors but most people are ignorant of the role … Continue reading “Rewriting History”

These 12 Satirical Cartoons Depict The Disturbing Reality Of Modern-Day Society

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: These 12 Satirical Cartoons Depict The Disturbing Reality Of Modern-Day Society


These cynical illustrations will make you think twice about accepted cultural ‘norms’…

Credit: Petry and Crisan

Credit: Petry and Crisan

Using art to raise awareness about issues that demand acknowledgement and remedy is nothing new. In the past, for example, well-known British artist John Holcroft has used his unique style of illustration to depict the insanities of modern-day society. 

This time, two Romanian cartoonists, have put their imagination to work to depict a satirical view of our modern world.

Horia Crisan shared the following photos with Bored Panda, with the following sentiment:

“These cartoons represent our views on relevant topics, such as war or politics, and people sins, like immorality and shallowness.

Even though our work has been acclaimed by the art community and won many prizes, our main goal is to bring attention to…

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