Russia Won World War Two, Not the Allies!

...The truth is Victory in Europe was predominantly a victory by the Russian and Soviet nations. After all, several of the European countries are guilty from their ruling establishments collaborating with Nazi Germany, as in France, Norway, Poland, and others. The concomitant of that duplicitous reality is that victory celebrations across Europe – except for … Continue reading Russia Won World War Two, Not the Allies!


“Pearl Harbor Facts and Proof”

Image: As with the sinking of the Maine and Lusitania, as well as 9/11, the so-called surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was just one more U.S. Corporation false-flag, one more U.S. Corporation bald-faced lie; just one more excuse for waging war on the world, while filling up the Rothschild clan's coffers! Pearl Harbor had … Continue reading “Pearl Harbor Facts and Proof”

“No Memory, No Cojones!”

Image: Buy a pair, people! No Memory, No Cojones! Published on Thursday, 13 October 2016 Cast your mind back to the run up to the destruction of Libya based on lies and lies on lies. What was the phrase? "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P). Who did we "protect"? No-one; we killed, maimed and destroyed a … Continue reading “No Memory, No Cojones!”

“Geopolitical Chess Explained”

Image: "Russia is being backed into a corner and irrespective of numbers of weapons, the quality and sophistication of their armaments is unknown. If the US/NATO continues its current strategy of goading Russia with the military buildup on her boarders and missile deployments on her doorstep, Russia will have no option but to eventually … Continue reading “Geopolitical Chess Explained”

The Wall Street Elites Who Financed Hitler

The Most Revolutionary Act

Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States – Prequel B

Directed by Oliver Stone

Film Review

Prequel B starts with the period of social repression that followed the return of GIs from World War I. US leaders were extremely concerned they would spread the oral sex techniques they had learned from French women. Alcohol prohibition, a crackdown on prostitution, rampant antisemitism (even Harvard restricted Jewish admissions) and anti-immigrant sentiment, and the eugenics movement (accompanied by forced sterilization of convicts, the “feeble minded” and promiscuous women) were all typical of this intense repression.

During the same period, Wall Street banks greatly reduced their investment in agriculture and manufacture, preferring the easier profits to be had from cheap credit and speculation. In 1929, a disastrous decision by central banks to increase interest rates triggered a deadly global depression, setting the stage for the rise of fascism in Europe.

Back in the…

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Question: Who Started the “Cold War”? Answer: Winston Churchill & Harry Truman!

Image: "Same as it ever was!" “Operation Unthinkable”: In the Immediate Wake of World War II, US Planned to Wipe Out the Soviet Union with A Massive Nuclear Strike Originally posted by Global Research in August 2015 Was the US deterrence military doctrine aimed against the Soviet Union during the Cold War era really … Continue reading Question: Who Started the “Cold War”? Answer: Winston Churchill & Harry Truman!

“Hiroshima – A Criminal Enterprise From Which Nothing Has Been Learned”

Image: And here we are, seventy-one years later, staring worldwide nuclear holocaust right in the face once again: Hiroshima – A Criminal Enterprise From Which Nothing Has Been Learned By Felicity Arbuthnot Global Research, August 08, 2016 When Paul Tibbets was thirteen years old he flew a bi-plane over Florida’s Miami Beach dropping a … Continue reading “Hiroshima – A Criminal Enterprise From Which Nothing Has Been Learned”