“The Government (The State), What is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing!”

Image: http://www.thedailysheeple.com All the bullshit about we the individuals and the planet being thrown into chaos without The State, is just that, BULLSHIT. Just check out what has been happening in Spain for the last nine months, if you doubt me: Spain Hasn’t Had a Federal Government for the Last 9 Months — and People … Continue reading “The Government (The State), What is It Good for? Absolutely Nothing!”


Mexico’s Experiment with Direct Democracy

The Most Revolutionary Act

Zapatista: A Big Noise Film

Benjamin Eichert, Richard Rowley, Stale Sandberg (1999)

Film Review

Zapatista is about the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) uprising in Chiapas on Jan 1, 1994. This was the day the North American Free Trade Treaty (NAFTA) took effect between the US, Canada and Mexico. As a condition of NAFTA, Mexico’s PRI government abolished the ejidos (sections of land farmed communally with state support) established in the 1917 revolution. As large numbers of indigenous people were driven off their land for US oil drilling and cattle ranches, they lost their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Chiapas is a province rich in resources, such a petroleum, coffee, hydroelectric power and uranium. Yet most of this wealth goes to US corporations and a few local elites. Prior to the 1994 uprising, the poor of Chiapas had no access to clean water, electricity or medical care…

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Dismantling neoliberal education: a lesson from the Zapatistas

The Free

from Roar… AUTONOMY & ANARCHISMbook cover

The non-hierarchical education of the Zapatistas cries dignity and suggests that the suffering of the neoliberal university can be withstood and overcome.     by  Levi Gahman

— Subcomandante Galeano (formerly Marcos)6

Excerpted from Levi’s chapter ‘Zapatismo versus the Neoliberal University: Towards a Pedagogy against Oblivion’, in the forthcoming book The Radicalization of Pedagogy, edited by Simon Springer, Marcelo Lopes de Souza and Richard J. White.

The story of the Zapatistas is one of dignity, outrage, and grit. It is an enduring saga of over 500 years of resistance to the attempted conquest of the land and lives of indigenous peasants.

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